The Handmade Food Co – The Promise Of Scrumptious Food

The Handmade Food Co – The Promise Of Scrumptious Food

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A Quick Introduction About The Handmade Food Co:

The Handmade Food Co. is a well-known family business of wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne and other regions of Australia. We have various options and menus to cater nationwide according to the customer’s preference. Our speciality is in our premade sandwiches which are delivered to you through reliable food suppliers in Melbourne. Our highly professional and trained team of chefs will closely cooperate with each client to come up with a scrumptious menu. We focus on the tiny things that create our catering company stand out from the others. It is our full responsibility to watch out for the entire event which includes table styling, coordination and food services. An experienced team of passionate foodies will enhance the charm of your valuable get-together with their hand-crafted food. We do not compromise on the quality of food hence we source fresh and the best products available from local food suppliers in Melbourne.

What’s new with us?

Are you worried about the quality of food and confused to select a reliable food supplier in Melbourne? Worry not, because we are here for you with a 100% guarantee of the quality food and services we provide. We have a transparent process where catering distributors and wholesalers deliver food considering hygiene factors. They have vehicles that store food with proper cooling systems in it so that the quality of food doesn’t get compromised. In order to preserve the real taste of each product, we perform a natural freezing process on it. In this way, it stays fresh till it reaches the location whether too far or close. Now let’s discuss the details of our food which includes sandwiches, pocket wraps, toasties, croque toasties, ciabatta, croissants and much more. The magic is in the fillings inside the food. Our soft and fresh bread have sealed in different types of tasty fillings according to the taste preferred by the customer. We have a range of Lebanese and Turkish food products which can be gluten-free as well. Apart from the taste, we have a professional supply chain working with us that makes sure that every one of our products includes fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients from local yet loyal vendors. To offer inventive food to Australia, our research and development department keep exploring and travelling around the world to obtain fresh inspiration, ideas, and knowledge to bring uniqueness to our offerings. That makes us the best wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne.

Are you excited to give us a chance for your memorable event?

The Handmade Food Co. knows how to properly carry out the event hence you may stay calm while leaving it all to us. Our wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne execute the process smoothly so rest assured. Moreover, the well-maintained and expert staff is there for you in selecting the menu and keeping the drinks cold. Click on the number and connect with us to get the services of the best food suppliers in Melbourne. For more information visit our website:

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